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Cristiano Domani Import Furniture

Alex White Coffee Table


Bring a bold new look to your space with this modern Alex coffee table. Elegant and refined yet up-to-the-minute by design, this coffee table features a white Calacatta faux marble surface that's splendidly contemporary and meshes well with all your mod furniture and furnishings. A wooden frame adds a durable touch to this geometrically inspired coffee table, which comes in two wedge-type pieces to use as single tables or place together for a larger unit.

White Calacatta Faux Marble
Left Piece 36" x 51" x 16.5"H
Right Piece 36" x 51" x 13.5"H
Contepmorary Design

Dimensions: 36" W x 36" D x 16.5" H
Weight: 101 lb.
Color: White
Style: Contemporary
Material: Faux Marble / Wood
Collection: Alex 
Item Type: Coffee Table